Viber is not working

Viber messenger сommon issues:

How to install Viber on Windows 10

Before installation Viber on a computer with Windows 10, you have to download and install it on your smartphone. After Viber is installed and configured on your smartphone, you can install the desktop application. Open your favorite browser on your computer or laptop and open the official Viber website Click download link. On the download page, select Viber for Windows. Click “Download for Windows” button.

How to install Viber on Android smartphone or tablet

Your smartphone need to be connected to the Internet. It is better to use a wi-fi connection, to save traffic. Open the Play Store app on your smartphone. Enter “Viber” in the search bar and click “” at the bottom of the screen. Click “Install” Wait for the complete installation. After installation, your smartphone will automatically check the application for security.

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