Telegram is not working

Telegram is a messenger that uses end-to-end encryption, is resistant to blocking and, with the right settings, can provide users with a high level of privacy.

The main difficulties for Telegram users may arise precisely with the installation of the application and its correct configuration. And the situation when after this Telegram will not work for you, most likely, will not arise.

How to install Telegram on Windows 10

If you have already appreciated the convenience of using the Telegram messenger on your smartphone, then it’s time to start installing this application on your computer. All your correspondence and data will be synchronized. To install Telegram to a computer or laptop with Windows 10, open Telegram official page in your browser At the bottom of the page, find the Telegram Desktop section.

How to Install Telegram on Android device

Telegram is a convenient messenger with a high level of data protection. Therefore, it will be useful on your smartphone and tablet. To install Telegram on a smartphone or tablet with Android, open Play Store. Enter “Telegram” in the search bar. Click the search button. Next to the application, click the “Install” button. Wait until the download and installation is complete.

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