Skype is not working

Common problems encountered with the Skype messenger:

How to install Skype on Ubuntu

In our guide, we'll show how to install Skype on Ubuntu in the easiest and fastest way. Also, such an installation will be relevant not only for Ubuntu, but also for other distributives, such as Debian or Linux Mint. Open skype official page in your browser and click “Download Skype” link. On the download page, select "Get Skype for Linux DEB". Click "

How to install classic Skype on Windows 10 bypassing Microsoft Store

To download and install the old (classic) Skype on Windows 10, open your favorite browser and visit the official Skype website If you see a pop-up window with a proposition to download Skype from the Microsoft store, close it and open the “Downloads” link from the site top menu. Click "Get Skype for Windows" Click "Get Skype for Windows"

How to install Skype on Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system comes with a package of pre-installed programs, including Skype. So, if you installed Windows 10 on your computer or laptop, just open Skype and use it by logging in to your account with your username and password. If you previously uninstalled Skype from Windows 10, then there are several ways to install Skype on Windows 10. We will consider the easiest way – installing Skype through the Windows store. It is free, fast and should not cause problems.

How to completely remove Skype from Windows 10

Windows 10 become more comfortable for users, more beautiful and more functional. To get it Windows 10 developers included into operating system some MicroSoft applications such as weather, calendar, Skype, personal assistant Cortana, Xbox management applications, maps, MicroSoft Store and much more. Pre-installed applications cannot be removed simply as we did in previous Windows versions. The developers decided: the more applications – the better. But if there are people among you, who don’t want to use the new features and want to remove some pre-installed unnecessary applications, we can tell how to do this Some built-in applications cannot be removed, but you can disable them and remove from the program list.

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