About Us

Hello! We work in the IT industry in different countries and on different projects.

Denis Aji

website developer (PHP, Jawa, JavaSkript, Node.js, Hybris)

Vlad Meant

mobile Android and MacOS applications developer

John Heights

system administrator (Linux, Windows, MacOS)

Victoria Green

network security engineer

We were all born in the same city, but now we live and work in different countries and even on different continents. But we continue to communicate and sometimes we come meet.

Our headache

At one of the meetings, we found that we all often have the same problem, which is called in Russian: “But You are a programmer! Are you?”.

That is to say, whoever do you work, whatever you do, if you have anything to do with IT, then in the eyes of your friends, relatives and acquaintances you automatically turn into an expert on all issues:

It so happened that we can really help in most of these problems (except for lawn mowers and toasters), but we have our own privacy and business, so there is always a great desire to give a website link with a clear manual instead of personal explanation what to do in a certain situation.


And we were surprised to find out… that such a site does not exist.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of sites, but in most cases these are only copywriters texts, who are not too versed in the issue or there are materials written by experts, but they are too complex and not detailed enough for someone to be able to figure out.

How was this site created?

We simply had no choice but to make this site and write the most compact and clear instructions on one’s own hook. First of all we made this website for our friends, relatives and colleagues (yes, we also have colleagues who do not understand certain simple actions), but we will be glad if our knowledge can also help you and yours friends.

If you found our site useful enough, you can share a weblink to your friends or keep our site in your bookmarks (just in case).


All materials on the site are recommendatory in nature and the authors do not bear any responsibility for your actions.

All instructions are based on our personal experience and knowledge and are not official instructions for a particular software and device.

The authors do not claim any rights to the trademarks, brands, and other items mentioned on the website that are protected by copyright. All references are informative in nature and are made solely for the convenience of users.

Our articles cannot be used in court as evidence.

Possible inaccuracies

If you find any inaccuracy in our articles, we will be very grateful for your clarifications.


Best regards, TroubleFix.net team!