Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is a technology for connecting to the Internet through a mobile operator.

If you have a mobile device and a contract with a mobile operator, then you can use the Internet wherever your operator has coverage.

Mobile Internet users may face some problems:

Limited internet

One of the reasons for the lack of an Internet connection may be the exhaustion of the limit if you use a limited Internet connection. Limited may be traffic or connection time. Internet traffic limit The monthly traffic limit is set, as a rule, by mobile operators. Therefore, users of smartphones, tablets and mobile modems may face the problem of the lack of Internet due to the exhaustion of the traffic limit.

Mobile Internet in roaming

In order for the mobile Internet to work in roaming, you need to give permission for this in the settings of the SIM card. A permission to transfer mobile data in roaming is necessary even if you will not be charged extra for this. At the same time, you need to remember that the resolution is set on a specific SIM card, and not on the device as a whole.

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