In order for the mobile Internet to work in roaming, you need to give permission for this in the settings of the SIM card.

  • A permission to transfer mobile data in roaming is necessary even if you will not be charged extra for this.
  • At the same time, you need to remember that the resolution is set on a specific SIM card, and not on the device as a whole. Accordingly, after changing the SIM card, you will need to enable the data transfer permission for the new SIM card if the country of issue of the card differs from the country in which you are currently located.
  • Also, mobile data roaming may not work due to the fact that you have not selected or incorrectly selected access point (APN). In this case, you need to select the access point in the settings of the mobile device in manual mode.
  • Another reason for the lack of Internet on a mobile device may be the wrong choice of network mode. Specify your preferred network mode in the settings of your phone or tablet.
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