One of the reasons for the lack of an Internet connection may be the exhaustion of the limit if you use a limited Internet connection. Limited may be traffic or connection time.

Internet traffic limit

The monthly traffic limit is set, as a rule, by mobile operators. Therefore, users of smartphones, tablets and mobile modems may face the problem of the lack of Internet due to the exhaustion of the traffic limit.

After the established traffic limit has been exhausted, depending on the conditions of the contract, the following options are possible:

  • Complete cessation of data transfer.
  • Data transfer continues, but with a large speed limit.
  • The mobile operator offers to buy more traffic for an additional fee.

It complicates the search for a problem with the Internet even more if some operators share traffic depending on its use, for example:

The traffic limit for surfing the Internet and the traffic limit for using the navigator are separately allocated.
Separately allocated traffic for the use of all services and additionally allocated unlimited traffic for using a social network or a specific messenger.

As a result, a situation may arise when something is working on your phone, but something is not. Therefore, if you have any difficulties with mobile Internet, you need to check with your operator if your limit is exhausted.

How to find out the rest of the traffic?

There are several ways to find out the balance of the Internet in your account:

  • Call to the operator.
  • Sending a ussd request from your phone.
  • Checking the balance through a mobile application that must be installed in advance.

Connection time limit

The limit for a free Internet connection is most often set on a Wi-Fi network at airports.

At different airports, the conditions for using free Wi-Fi differ. The most common time limit options:

The total connection time is not limited, but the session time is limited to 30, 45 or 60 minutes, after which re-authorization is required.

  • 60 minutes for 1 passenger (a one-time password is generated on the basis of a plane ticket).
  • 60 minutes for 1 account.
  • 60 minutes on 1 device.

The minimum limit for free Wi-Fi is set in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is only 15 minutes.

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