Your smartphone need to be connected to the Internet. It is better to use a wi-fi connection, to save traffic.

Open the Play Store app on your smartphone.

Enter “Viber” in the search bar and click “” at the bottom of the screen.

Click “Install”

Wait for the complete installation.

After installation, your smartphone will automatically check the application for security. After that click the “Open” button at the bottom of the screen to configure the application options.

To configure the application, click “Continue”

Select your country and enter the phone number you want to link your Viber account. A SIM card with this number should already be activated on your smartphone. Click Continue.

You need to verify your phone number. This will be done automatically. Click “Yes”. Next, the application will request several permissions.

For more comfortable work, you have to allow the application access to your contacts. Click “Allow”

Also you have to give permission to make calls. Click “Allow”

After that, the system will make a test call to the specified phone number. You do not need to answer this call, the system will do it automatically.

Enter the email address which you are linking your Viber account. Enter your email address and click “ok”

Confirm your age. This is necessary to access all application features.

You have to give permission to access photos and video files on your device. Click “Allow”

Also, the application need permission to create photos and video files. Click “Allow”

Give permission to record audio. Click “Allow”

Some application features require access to your location. Click “Allow”

After you set your email, the system send an email to this email with a confirmation link. Open your email on your mobile device or computer and find the message with “Welcome to Viber” title. If you don’t see this message in your inbox, check the Spam folder.

Click on the “Verify your Email” link.

After that in your browser will be automatically opened a page with a message about successfully confirmation your email.

Return to Viber on your smartphone. You should receive a system message about your email confirmation. Click “Back” at the top of the screen.

Now Viber on your smartphone is ready to use. Once you have downloaded and installed Viber on your smartphone, you can install Viber on a Windows 10 computer or laptop.

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