If you have already appreciated the convenience of using the Telegram messenger on your smartphone, then it’s time to start installing this application on your computer. All your correspondence and data will be synchronized.

To install Telegram to a computer or laptop with Windows 10, open Telegram official page Telegram.org in your browser

At the bottom of the page, find the Telegram Desktop section. Click on the “Get Telegram for Windows” link to download.

Wait until the download is complete and open the installer package from the download folder.

You can also start the installation from the browser downloads bar.

For setup start click “OK”

The installer will select appropriate folder. Click “Next”

The installer will set the program shortcuts in the Start menu and on the desktop. Click “Next”

Click Install to complete the installation.

Wait until the files are unpacked and the program is installed.

The program installation is completed. Click Finish. After that, the program will run automatically for further configuration.

For start Telegram configuring, click “Start Messaging”

Select your region and enter your phone number to which Telegram was attached on your smartphone. Click Continue.

Enter the verification code to confirm the phone number. Telegram will send a verification code to your smartphone to which this number is attached. Open Telegram on your smartphone and get a verification code. Click Continue

Telegram installation and configuration is finished. Select the contact you want to chat from the list

Write a greeting message and click the send button.

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