To download and install the old (classic) Skype on Windows 10, open your favorite browser and visit the official Skype website

If you see a pop-up window with a proposition to download Skype from the Microsoft store, close it and open the “Downloads” link from the site top menu.

Click "Get Skype for Windows"

Click "Get Skype for Windows" in the dropdown menu.

Right-click on the downloaded Skype installer from the browser’s download panel then click on the “Open when done” button.

Or You can also run the Skype installer for Skype from your download directory.

Allow the app to make changes to your system. Click the “Yes” button.

Click "Install" button.

Wait for Skype unpacking installation complete. You can see the program launch icon on your desktop and the quick menu icon right after installation.

The first launch will start automatically. Click on “Let's Go.” You will be asked to log into your Skype account using your username and password or create a new Skype account if you do not already have one. Click the “Login or Create” button. Enter your Skype username and click “Next”.

Enter your Skype password and click “Sign in”.

On this step you can change your Skype avatar if you want or let's do "Continue"

Now you can test your audio and video equipment. On this step, you can make a test call to a technical account to check the microphone and speakers. Click the “Continue” button.

You can also check your camera if it's connected to the system. Click the “Continue” button.

That is all, click the “OK” button.

You can search for new contacts or continue chatting with old friends.

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